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An 'Heirloom Film' is a package designed to offer you the opportunity to turn your family story into a beautiful, Netflix-worthy documentary.


Just like a modern day oil painting; an Heirloom Film serves as a legacy to immortalise a loved-one's life story for future generations. 


'When an old person dies, a library burns to the ground' - (African Proverb)


With a team of exceptional industry professionals - bespoke to each project - we'll weave together interview footage with family photographs, historical archive material, animation, reconstructed dramatisation, and a hand-written musical score by an award-winning composer, in order to celebrate and preserve a cherished life story.


The perfect gift for a milestone birthday or anniversary. A wonderful way to connect with relatives and future generations.


"I wish my Grandparents had done this before they passed away. Now all we have is fragments of feeble anecdotes. That's why I'm going to tell my story - it's like speaking unborn generations."


Undivided Pictures has made award-winning films across a range of genres - our niche is turning true-life stories into pieces of art.


If you're interested in preserving a family-member's life-story, then please fill in our 

packages for all occasions

Whether it’s a gift for a precious celebratory occasion – a long-term family project – or a beautiful business legacy piece - Undivided Pictures will be delighted to offer a range of packages in order to help capture your story for the big screen and beyond. The red carpet awaits you...

To make an enquiry, please contact us and someone will be in touch.


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