Turn your story into a piece of Art

An Heirloom Film offers you the opportunity to immortalise your very own story in the form of a beautiful, TV-quality documentary.

We like to think of it as a 'modern day oil painting' - your legacy film will serve as an heirloom to be passed down through future generations in order to preserve your most precious moments.


Our team of film and TV industry professionals will ensure that your story is given the quality that it deserves, providing you with a stunning film that will last the test of time.


And as well the product, an Heirloom Film offers a unique and priceless opportunity for family members to connect and engage with one another on a new level.

Once the film is finished, for those who want to share their film in style, we'll also be able to organise a special screening event at a beautiful central London cinema.


‘How we Met’ 

Applicable to older and younger generations. This package offers a romantic retelling of how you met. Using photographs from your life together, video clips and significant songs, this film will capture and preserve your very own love story. With access to London’s leading actors we are able to cast talent to re-enact special scenes from your story, with a fully art-designed set.

(5-8 mins)

‘one moment in time'

A testimony of one key moment from your life. We’ll use historical photographs, maps, archive footage and a beautiful score to capture this moment in time and bring this story to life. Especially suited to older generations with stories from bygone eras.

(5-8 mins)


‘full life'

A full account of your life story, starting at the very beginning. We’ll make sure we edit an engaging narrative together that ties up your most precious moments into a concise and engaging piece that will live on forever, immortalising your story for future generations.

(As long as you want)


‘it started with an idea’

A package designed for business owners in order to tell the story of how it all began. Every successful business started with an idea, and being able to share that story with employees and the big wide world is a powerful way to strengthen company roots and communicate your brand externally. This veers away from the cold corporate ‘talking head’ route, and aims to tap into the heart of the company.

(5-15 mins)