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kitty's fortune

An Undivided Pictures Production
(Short Film) 11 mins
Director - Adam Baroukh
We were extremely lucky to work with Holocaust survivor Kitty Hart-Moxon (OBE) on this production. The film tells the story of Kitty's first night in Auschwitz where she crosses path with a palm-reading Gypsy who reveals her fate. 
As one might imagine, making a film set in Auschwitz concentration camp had its challenges, but working with a team of fantastic set-designers, builders and directors, we created an authentic space that Kitty - who acted as the film's technical advisor - approved.
The film debuted at the UK Jewish Film Festival, and went on to screen at several other respected festivals including BAFTA-qualifying London Short Film Festival. The film was also selected by Picturehouse Cinemas, where it screened at all branches across the uk - from Edinburgh to Exeter!
As well as working the festival circuit, the film has also toured schools across the country, acting as a stimulus to help students foster discussion around the Holocaust, questioning how it might have felt, and why it was so wrong. We believe that film creates a form of empathy that the history books can't - and we're proud that 'Kitty's Fortune' is doing it's part to help keep the memory of the Holocaust alive.
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